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  1. Before testing to become a technician, a technician-apprentice must complete a Board approved training course.1

  2. Certified applicators must re-certify by attending approved continuing education courses.1

  3. It is a violation for a certified applicator to allow a technician-apprentice to perform work in a category in which the technician-apprentice has not been properly trained.1

  4. Pest control technicians must be able to demonstrate proficiency in reading labels and warnings1

  5. Technicians must pass an exam for each category in which they license.1

  6. Before working alone, technician-apprentices must receive 20 hours of general classroom training, 8 hours of classroom category training, and __________hours of on-the-job category training1

  7. A licensed applicator need not be present for the 60 hours of on-the-job apprentice training.1

  8. A license issued by the Structural Pest Control Board expires __________or when the business liability insurance policy expires whichever comes first.1

  9. The Structural Pest Control Board must be notified if an applicator changes address.1

  10. Technician training records must be on a form prescribed by the Board.1

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